The original HELAS Network activities

The HELAS Network activities  during the original funding period were the following:

NA1 – Management

Overall coordination and management of the consortium, liaison with EC and international research community, project and budget management.

NA2 – HELAS Forum

Organization of annual international meetings on helio- and asteroseismology. Provide a forum for discussing all network activities of HELAS and the developments of plans of mutual interest. Generate and exploit synergies between the other network activities. Distribution of software and data.

NA3 – Global Helioseismology

Elicitation of new exigent problems and coordination of the methods and software developments for global helioseismology; distribution of data analysis tools and solar models in the HELAS community.

NA4 – Local Helioseismology

Identify needs and develop actions for structuring research in the field of local helioseismology. Coordinate development and distribution of specific software to provide Europe with the means to participate in the analysis and interpretation of HMI-SDO data.

NA5 – Asteroseismology

Develop programmes to ensure European competiveness on the field of asteroseismology. Comparisons of model and frequency calculations, to improve their reliability. Coordinate stellar modelling software developments and distribution in the HELAS community.

NA6 – Public Outreach

Prepare state-of-the-art university lectures and coordinate actions on the field of helio- and asteroseismology to raise public interest.

European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network